The System

Our Viconnect Gateways offer a high-performance platform for the authentication, authorisation, and payment settlements within guest networks. Whether you choose our hardware or our software applications: It will always be a breeze to install, administer, and maintain our products and thus, to power your infrastructure. Scalable technology enables both small conference rooms as well as multinational hotel chains to grow and thrive.

Bandwidth Management

PMS integration (Fidelio, Protel, etc.)

Website Integration

Custom pages

Flexible pricing models

No new infrastructure investments necessary

Authentication procedures

Room number + surname


Social Media Login

Email Login

Username + password

Free-to-guests (requires GTC approval)

''The Hardware

Our standards-compliant (802.11a/b/g/n and 802.11ac) Wifi Access Points are available for indoor and outdoor use. For optimal performance we have been curating a list of handpicked suppliers:

Ubiquiti Unifi Networks

Ruckus Wireless

Zebra Technologies

Cisco Meraki

The Infrastructure

Our innovational systems can be used with already existing wifi systems to cover a wide range of different scenarios:

Wifi through LAN

Wifi through COAX

Wifi through (x)DSL (telephone cables)

Wifi through Mesh (wireless)

The Planning

Together we can realize projects of whatever size. We assist you during each step or completely take over the planning and execution, so that you can fully concentrate on running your business:

Site Survey

Infrastructure upgrades/modernization

Infrastructure creation

Installation and configuration


Easy question:

From planning to financing: we deliver top notch custom solutions for the technical equipment in hotels and other facilities. Our experience and years-long cooperations with leading hotel chains has enabled us to provide excellent services for our customers. We work with the best suppliers only and eventually fall back on our own creations to give you exactly what you need: high quality products that meet the highest quality standards. We plan. We coordinate. You benefit.

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